4 fun and interesting things during the lockout

The lockout is obviously not a good thing for basketball fans as it is already late September and the training camps haven't started yet, we are in danger of losing at least a part of the season. Let's keep ourselves entertained and take a look at some fun things which have happened during the lockout.


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Basketball Shooting Techniques All Players Should Use

The most essential part of basketball is being able to shoot baskets. This is how your team scores points, so every player should focus on this skill. There are many types of shots and there are also many aspects to shooting. It’s a good idea to be a well-rounded player and practice shooting from every possible position. The following tips will help you improve your shooting abilities.

The layup is one of the key shots when playing basketball. It’s also one of the first techniques that players learn. It’s sometimes called the easiest shot, but this isn’t necessarily true. You need to have the ability to block the players of the other team and perfect timing to make a good layup. When executing a layup, push off the ground with the opposite foot from the side of the hoop you’re approaching. So if you’re doing a layup from the right side of the hoop, push off with your left foot. Following this rule will help you have the best balance and momentum for your shot. Also, focus your eyes on the square above the hoop and not on the ball. Back aches and body pain are a common problem for every sports person and visiting a massage therapist or spas can possibly be a pricey matter. This is where a back massager can be an ideal purchase and it can offer you a great massage at your suitable time and place. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy one.

Although basketball is an extremely powerful and physically demanding game, you can learn to shoot better by becoming more comfortable and controlling the ball in more gentle manner. Quite naturally, you want possession of the ball so that you are holding it tight enough so that no one can rip it from your hands. However, when they are taking a shot, plenty of players will apply too much pressure or hold it too tightly when they are making a basketball shot. You can see evidence of this when the ball bounces hard off the rim. Try to give the ball spin and follow through with your fingertips. This is so that your shot lands where you want it to and not just in any area.

While shooting a basketball involves your whole body, the position of your hands and arms is especially important. Use your fingertips when shooting because that is what really gives you control over the ball. Using your palms gives you less control which will make it hard to shoot accurately. Another thing to keep in mind is keeping your arm as straight as possible, with the elbow under the ball. You can distort the shot and send the ball veering off in the wrong direction if your elbow sticks out to the side, even a little. Use a fluid motion when shooting the ball, with your fingertips, arm, and elbow forming a single unit.

In summary, there’s no simple way to instantly become a great basketball shooter. It requires plenty of hard work and practice. Identify the areas where you need the most help and focus on those. You will start to see improvement in your shooting skills when you use the above tips to help you.

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Rewriting the record books: 3-point shooters

This has been an amazing NBA season so far and we can all be witnesses to some great individual and team performances and it is always fun to track which players are playing really great. We are going to take a look at some players who are on pace to rewrite their team record books. In this article the focus is on 3-point shooters and, yes, you guessed it, Mike Bibby is one of them.


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Pacers Pistons brawl revisited – the aftereffects

It was late 2004 and the Indiana Pacers were one of the best teams in the league. They had successfully rebuilt their team into a championship contender in a very short time and started the 2004-05 season extremely strong but November 19, 2004 was the day that changed everything. It was the day of the infamous Pacers-Pistons brawl and the Indiana Pacers franchise, to this day, still hasn't recovered from it. It was almost 6 years ago and now we can take a look back at how this brawl has impacted the league.


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Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors. Where does he want to play?

Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony sits on the bench after being called for another offensive foul against the Portland Trail Blazers during the second half at the Pepsi Center on April 1, 2010 in Denver. Denver beat Portland 109-92.  UPI/Gary C. Caskey Photo via Newscom
After the formation of the Miami big 3 this offseason many NBA star players are suddenly unhappy with their situations and, according to rumors, want to be traded. It is rumored that Carmelo Anthony wants to leave Denver before the trade deadline. Does he want to go back home or is he in search for a better supporting cast and a chance at a title? Or maybe he would prefer to stay where he is? Where does Carmelo want to play?


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Miami big 3 – the complete list of opinions

This summer we experienced the loudest offseason in the history of the NBA and what made it so big was the formation of a new big 3. First Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in South Beach and then LeBron during his ESPN special announced that he will also go to Miami. The moves that Miami Heat made this summer obviously caused a lot of attention from everyone who is even remotely interested in basketball. Every coach and every player wanted to express their thoughts on the subject.


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One season wonders | 2005 Sonics

Unfortunately Seattle SuperSonics franchise doesn't exist anymore and the last few years of its existence weren't very successful. They were almost always among title contenders in the 1990s but 21st century was a completely different story. Since 1998–99 all Sonics teams were more or less mediocre and they very rarely made the playoffs and before the start of 2004-05 season no one expected much from them. It turned out to be a surprisingly good season for them.


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Best 3-point shooters of all time | Dale Ellis

Dale Ellis was more than just a 3 point specialist. In the late 1980s he was one of the premiere scorers in the NBA and remained a solid player until the late 1990s. He shot a lot of threes and made a lot threes - there are only two players in NBA history who have made more 3 pointers than Ellis.


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Who won the most NBA Player of the Week Awards in the last decade

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 1
Just a few weeks ago the first decade of the 21st century came to an end. There were good times and not so good times but it certainly wasn't boring. But who was the best player of the decade? If we would do a survey and ask who was the best player of the 90's then 99% of the sane people would answer Micheal Jordan. But the 00's is a different story as there's no clear cut best player. But what is the best way to compare the candidates and find out who is the numero uno? Well, I don't know the answer to this question but I can give you one fresh, possibly pretty inaccurate way to rank them just for fun.


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Antawn Jamison trade rumors.

Wizards Jamison reacts to call against him while playing bucks in Washington
Many predicted that after the awful season last year, the Washington Wizards would be a playoff team this year but it didn't exactly turn out that way as we all see. Obviously their veteran leader Antawn Jamison is upset and even though he's playing very good, the Wizards have only won 17 out of 49 games so far. So is this the right time to finally start rebuilding and trade Jamison? Does he want to be traded? Which teams want him?


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