4 fun and interesting things during the lockout

untitled 150x150 4 fun and interesting things during the lockout The lockout is obviously not a good thing for basketball fans as it is already late September and the training camps haven’t started yet, we are in danger of losing at least a part of the season. At this point it is almost certain that the season won’t start in time (however, LA Lakers tickets can be bought even for games in October). So, is there a hope that the owners and the players will stop the torture any time soon? It’s hard to say and unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. To get rid of this lockout negativity let’s take a look at some fun things which happened while players were locked out.
1) Andray Blatche gets his own colouring book for children.

The title of this cute little book is – “Get ready, get set, get healthy by Andray Blatche”. This sure seems strange. Maybe he is also the author of the goofy cover art which can be seen in the picture above.
2) Delonte West applies for a job in a furniture store.

Even though it is obvious that nobody likes being without a job, it is still hard to imagine that someone who has earned more than 14 million dollars in salary over the past few years would apply for a job in a furniture store. I am still not sure if it is for real or not but it is definitely hilarious.
3) Marcus Camby continues the Jail Blazers traditions.

It seemed like the Bad Boy image of the Portland Trail Blazers has been starting to fade but Marcus Camby made sure that it doesn’t stay that way. Police found marijuana in his car which was reeking of it, so it seems funny that Camby acted like he was surprised about the pot in his car and said that he has no idea how it got there.

4) Steve Nash shoots a freaky commercial.

This one is Nash at his best. The commercial is strange but also very funny. The best line is – nash the f*** up!

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